August 18, 2021

White’s RFS Receives Grant from the Dekko Foundation

White’s Residential & Family Services has received a $10,000 grant from the Dekko Foundation of Kendallville, Indiana. The grant is to be used to continue to expand White’s Residential vocational and workforce development program, Growing Teens for Life, through the upcoming Catapult Training System in partnership with Conexus Indiana. The Dekko Foundation has been a key supporter of the Growing Teens for Life program since its beginning. 

Founded by Chester Dekko in 1981, the Dekko Foundation is committed to fostering economic freedom through education. Over the past 39 years, the Dekko Foundation has supported thousands of programs, charities, and nonprofits that build skills, knowledge, and character in young people from birth through age 18, helping them blossom into independent, self-reliant adults who are capable of producing more than they consume. 

The Dekko Foundation stated it chose to invest in Growing Teens for Life because of the opportunities the program is providing for young people to have hands-on experiences and gain valuable certifications that will help them become productive members of their communities.

“We are incredibly thankful to the Dekko Foundation for their investment in the lives of young people particularly in the area of vocational training,” said Kevin Trotter, VP of Advancement. “This grant is another example of the Dekko Foundation’s commitment to fostering economic freedom through education.” 

To see Growing Teens for Life in action, be sure to visit 50 East Garden Center & Café and mark your calendar for the official ribbon cutting of our new Catapult Training System on October 12th at 10a.m.!

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