November 05, 2020

White’s RFS Partners with Imagine One 85

White’s Residential and Family Services looks forward to supporting and partnering with the community to continue to provide a vision for the future. Our agency is in full support of Imagine One 85, an initiative to imagine and visualize what a united Wabash County might be able to accomplish by facing and addressing population decline.

The Community Foundation of Wabash County and Grow Wabash County are calling on the citizens of Wabash County to address the steady and alarming decline in population that threatens school funding, industry and job growth, economic development and competitive wages, the availability of retail and professional services, and the value of our homes.

A coalition of leaders from all sectors are joining in an unprecedented countywide collaboration called Imagine One 85. Together, we will develop a bold, comprehensive plan for the growth and prosperity of the entire county, and the incorporated communities of La Fontaine, Lagro, Manchester, Roann and Wabash.

While Northeast Indiana’s 11-county region has consistently grown for four decades, Wabash County has not. Imagining a bold, comprehensive plan for the future is the best possible way to arrest—and reverse—our population decline. All who care about the future of the communities of Wabash County are encouraged to join us in this important work.

The first phase of Imagine One 85 is the hosting of several virtual Focus on the Future workshops planned for Friday, November 13 and Monday, November 16. You may register for either or both of these meetings at We invite you to consider attending one of the planning sessions. Registration is appreciated, but not mandatory. These 90-minute sessions will be interactive and energizing.  They will provide a time for you and others to express desired outcomes relative to growing Wabash County.

This is an unprecedented opportunity.  Never before (and likely not again for a very long time) has Wabash County had united leadership in place and resources available to develop a county-wide comprehensive plan for growth and prosperity.  Please join us and help lead this effort by participating and bringing others to Imagine Wabash County.

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