September 30, 2021

White’s RFS Announces Rebrand

White’s Residential and Family Services is pleased to announce that it has undergone a rebrand and will now be known as Josiah White’s, effective September 30th, 2021. The 170-year old ministry will continue to offer hope and transformation through Christ by creating new possibilities for children, teens, and families through foster care, residential treatment, and family preservation services. The new brand will now better point back to, honor, and reflect the legacy and vision of its founder, Josiah White, while also looking towards the future. 

“One of the treasures of working for this ministry is the great history on which we are building our future,” said Ron Evans, President and CEO. “Our history is the legacy of Josiah White, a man of great vision, a man who wanted to use his wealth to serve those in greatest need in the name of Christ. As such, effective this fall we will be recognized as Josiah White’s and will be dropping Residential and Family Services from our name. We continue to be a ministry who serves those in greatest need in the name of Jesus Christ, our hope and our Savior.”  

Through the rebranding process, the research identified that the essence of what has defined and what will continue to define Josiah White’s is “new possibilities”. 

“We believe the future of those in our care is not defined by what has happened in their past but is instead full of new possibilities,” said Evans. “We offer these new possibilities through providing a Christian foster home, teaching life skills, providing avenues to graduate from high school, using proven clinical modalities to reframe childhood trauma, cultivating work skills, and most importantly through introducing them to Jesus Christ.” 

Josiah White’s will continue to provide healthy second chances through extraordinary care and competence and thoughtful ingenuity. Josiah White’s is grateful to God for His faithful presence and provision throughout the years, and He remains the foundation of this ministry as it undergoes this change and continues to grow and develop.

About the new look

The new visual brand and logo is based off of the image above. All the dots represent the people the ministry serves, whereas the different colored dot represents that Josiah White’s sees each person as an individual, honors their inherent worth in Christ, and helps them discover new possibilities for their future. The work done at Josiah White’s is about making those new possibilities achievable. Knowing each individual’s worth gives the team at Josiah White’s the persevering hope to keep offering healthy second chances to those they serve. 

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