August 20, 2020

White’s Residential & Family Services Receives Capital Grant from Dekko

White’s Residential & Family Services has received a $50,000 grant from The Dekko Foundation of Kendallville, Indiana. This grant is to be used for the capital expansion of White’s vocational initiative, Growing Teens for Life. Growing Teens for Life equips young men and women in the juvenile justice system with the skills and work experience they need to attain and maintain employment once they return to their home communities throughout Indiana.

Founded by Chester Dekko in 1981, the Dekko Foundation is committed to fostering economic freedom through education. Over the past 39 years, Dekko has supported thousands of programs, charities, and nonprofits that build skills, knowledge, and character in young people from birth through age 18, helping them blossom into independent, self-reliant adults who are capable of producing more than they consume.

The majority of young men and women referred to White’s Residential & Family Services face the challenge of living independently once they return to their home communities. Growing Teens for Life helps them meet this challenge with confidence and competence through on-site work experience, vocational certifications, and vouchers for use in the pursuit of higher education, transportation, and living expenses.

Visit 50 East Garden Center and Café to see the teens in action or find out how you can help young men and women in Growing Teens for Life online at

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