October 01, 2020

White’s Residential & Family Services Launches CarePortal Program

White’s Residential & Family Services is excited to announce the recent launch of the CarePortal in Wabash County!  The CarePortal is an organized platform that provides opportunity to support and strengthen the ministry of the local church in their community. Many churches and foster/adopt ministries want to do more, but simply lack the connection to vulnerable and isolated families in their community. CarePortal fills that gap.

In every community, there are children and families in need.  Many of these families find themselves with a limited support network and limited resources.  Also in every community, there are churches who are willing and able to help but need the right connection point and support.  That is where the CarePortal comes in, helping create a meaningful, vetted connection point.  A local referring organization (often a local child welfare team) enters a verified need of a family into the system, that need is delivered to local bodies of Christ, who are able to make a connection and meet that need for a family.  That connection may mean a child has a bed to sleep in or a dresser to put their things, ministry success.  It may also mean that a local church is able shepherd a new and growing relationship with a family, providing fellowship, counsel, and ongoing support.  This is a ministry of the local church.

Kurt Gard, Vice President & Executive Director of Family Services, said, “White’s RFS is happy to be a small part in this ministry opportunity for the church.  We are able to step forward, provide training and ongoing support to participating churches and referring organizations.  We believe this is the work of the church and we are honored and humbled to help this happen.”

To learn more about CarePortal, visit the website here.
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