April 21, 2021

White’s Residential & Family Services Brings Awareness to Child Abuse Prevention

At the beginning of April, White’s Family Services staff added pinwheels to the grounds at each regional office to bring awareness about the prevention of child abuse in conjunction with Child Abuse Prevention Month. They distributed pinwheels and outdoor signs to local churches to help bring awareness. They will also be wearing blue all this week in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month. 

The pinwheel became the national symbol for child abuse prevention in 2008 by Prevent Child Abuse America. The blue pinwheels placed around campus and throughout the state serve as a physical reminder of the role every member of the community can play in ensuring all children have positive childhoods. 

I personally believe people know that child abuse happens, but it can be a very taboo subject to talk about because no one wants to think about a child being hurt by an adult,” said Katie Slaughter, Resource Family Developer. “I think we need to gently break down those walls and bring awareness so more people recognize children around them that might be suffering from neglect or abuse and feel confident speaking up and reaching out to resources to find help for those kiddos.”

Here’s a quick list of ways you can help:

Share about Child Abuse Prevention with friends and family, either by word of mouth or through social media.

Volunteer at a local school or library.

Coach a local youth recreational team.

Lead a parent support group.

Become a foster parent.

“Please be a voice for the children in your life path if you think, feel, or see neglect or abuse call DCS and report to the hotline,” said Denise Walter, Family Preservation Specialist. “Just having someone make a report does not make you a bad person; it could be saving a life!” 

You can call the DCS Hotline at any time at 1-800-800-5556.

There’s a role for everyone in the community. You can help prevent child abuse and neglect by helping parents be the best moms and dads they can be.

For more information, visit https://preventchildabuse.org/growing-better-together-2021/

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