August 18, 2015

White’s Residential & Family Services Announces Acquisition of Christian Haven Campus in Northern Indiana

Respective boards reach agreement to meet the needs of Indiana children and families.

White’s Residential & Family Services, one of Indiana’s largest nonprofit social services agencies, announces that it has acquired Christian Haven, a residential treatment center for boys and girls in Wheatfield near Valparaiso, Ind. The acquisition is the result of careful planning by White’s and its board, and it will allow White’s to expand its level of care to open residential and secure care programs.

“White’s was initially approached by Christian Haven because it was seeking an opportunity with a faith-based organization,” said Stan Downing, White’s Residential & Family Services Board President. “As the White’s board evaluated the opportunity to expand services, it was clear that our two organizations share many of the same values – a commitment to providing the highest quality care for children in our programs and a common mission to offer spiritual opportunities so students and families can grow in their faith.”

Since its founding in 1850, White’s has grown to serve children, teens and families through six offices around the state, including a residential campus in Wabash, Ind.

“White’s Residential & Family Services and the board are committed to making proactive strategic decisions that reflect our commitment to helping Indiana children, teens and families,” said White’s Residential & Family Services Chief Executive Officer Dee Gibson. “This acquisition will not only allow White’s to expand its level of care but also its continuum of services to other areas of Northern Indiana.”

Christian Haven was founded in 1952 as a nonprofit agency that provides open residential services and secure care treatment to boys and girls ages 11 to 21. Its residential campus is in Wheatfield.

“White’s Residential & Family Services shares our mission of providing hope for at-risk children, teens and families,” said Christian Haven Board President John Fulkerson.  “We are confident that our students will continue to thrive in a safe, structured environment and receive the programming and services they need to make lasting changes in their lives.”

In the coming months, White’s Residential & Family Services will complete a thorough evaluation of Christian Haven and its services to assure continuity of care.

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