April 25, 2014

White’s Compass Rose Academy Graduates Record Class

Compass Rose Academy, a private program for troubled teen girls at White’s Residential & Family Services, will graduate five girls from the program, the program’s largest class since their opening in 2012.

Compass Rose Academy provides services to families and teens in crisis who have not yet entered the juvenile justice system. This residential treatment center operates a 9- to 12-month private program for 14- to 17-year old junior high and high school girls from across the country.

“I could not be more proud of our current group of graduates,” said Mike Haarer, Director of Compass Rose Academy. “This is our largest group of graduates to date and they have worked so hard for this day for a long time.”

Hannah Hunsaker, one of the Compass Rose graduates, was honored April 24, 2014 by the Wabash Chamber of Commerce at an Honor’s Student Lunch. Hunsaker, originally from California, graduated at the top of her class while attending Compass Rose.

“Although it’s been a struggle, I am glad and proud I have persevered through and that I’m graduating with an honors diploma,” Hannah stated. “I’m happy to be attending Biola University at California with a major in human biology.”

Success stories like Hannah’s are a testament to the nurturing and therapeutic environment at Compass Rose Academy, which allows for emotional healing and personal growth.

“Hannah has been a top-notch student since day one, both academically and in terms of other personal strengths and accomplishments,” said Director Haarer. “It is rewarding for Compass Rose to be able to offer the support necessary for students like Hannah to not only graduate, but to graduate with honors.”

Throughout the next few weeks, family and friends will be invited to attend separate graduation ceremonies for the students. Each young lady will receive a Compass Rose Pendant, which represents the three aspects of healthy living and restoration that Compass Rose embodies: Foundation, Direction and Legacy. The graduates are also given a special Life Journey Bible, created by Doctors Henry Cloud and John Townsend, who have consulted with Compass Rose in the development of its therapeutic programs.

“Although our graduates will face challenges of many kinds in the coming days, months, and years, I am confident that through much perseverance and determination they have gained the internal strength of character necessary to meet those challenges successfully,” said Director Haarer.

Compass Rose Academy continues to expand its program with new staff and hopes to increase student enrollment to 40 students over the next four years.

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