April 08, 2014

White’s Board Member Honored by Indiana CPA Society

White’s Residential & Family Services is excited to announce that Board Member, Roger Stichter, was awarded the Outstanding Educator Award by the Indiana CPA Society. Every year, the Society acknowledges CPAs who have “served their profession and/or communities in an outstanding manner.”

Stichter is a CPA/Professor of Accounting at Grace College in Winnona Lake, Ind. He teaches approximately 90 students in their first year of accounting courses, and only a handful considers an accounting major when beginning the class.

“I believe God has gifted me to relate to the college-aged person,” said Stichter. “I like thinking that I may have some impact on my students’ future and how they think about life, the Christian walk, family, children, etc.”

He uses his personal experience and history as a CPA, which includes time spent at White’s as the CFO from 2001 to 2005, to engage with his students about pursuing an accounting career.

“We are very excited that the CPA has recognized Roger Stichter for his accomplishments,” said CEO and Executive Director, Dee Gibson. “Roger brings both a professionalism and passion for White’s to our board, and we are very thankful to have his input and expertise to further our mission.”

With Stichter’s influence, last year, 25 students registered for upper level classes, which 20 of those students declared accounting as their major. The Grace College accounting program has significantly expanded, with over 50 students majoring in accounting.

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