December 08, 2018

Wabash Rotary Club Celebrates 100 years with Skating Event

Friday, December 7, 2018 the Wabash Rotary Club hosted in ice skating event to celebrate 100 years as an active group in Wabash! The Wabash Rotary Club invited White’s residential students to be the first to skate at the public rink, set up between MoDocs Market and Charley Creek Inn on S. Main Street in Wabash, IN. The rink later opened up to the public to use for free during the weekend. The Rotary Club provided skates for all participants to enjoy the fun. The residential students were thrilled to skate and enjoyed every minute of the event. Representatives from White’s staff accepted an award from the Rotary Club to commemorate the relationship between the Rotary Club and White’s during a ceremony held at Charley Creek Inn. At this ceremony three generations of White’s CEO’s were in attendance, Rich Davis, Dee Gibson, and current CEO Ron Evans. White’s RFS is incredibly thankful for Rotary’s generosity and support through the years.

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