October 14, 2019

Vocational Program Receives $20,000 Grant from Vectren White’s Residential & Family Services

White’s Residential & Family Services received a $20,000 grant from The Vectren, A CenterPoint Energy Company Foundation. This grant will support White’s vocational initiative, Growing Teens for Life, housed in part in the 50 East Garden Center and Café on White’s Wabash, Indiana, campus. In the last three years, White’s relationship with Vectren has helped bring hope and transformation to the lives of over 600 young men and women impacted by Growing Teens for Life.

“The Vectren Foundation has been instrumental in working with us,” said Kevin Trotter, Vice President for Advancement for White’s, “to grow in our ability to equip young people with the work experience and independent living skills they will need to be successful as they transition to their home communities all across the state of Indiana.”

Growing Teens for Life is a vocational program that offers young men and women in residential care the opportunity to gain work experience, earn vouchers for living expenses following care, and get nationally recognized industry-based certifications.

“The Vectren Foundation,” Kevin continued, “is one of many corporations and foundations supporting Growing Teens, without whom we could not continue to provide vocational education with a transformative influence upon these young lives.”

To learn more about Growing Teens for Life, visit the 50 East Garden Center and Café. Purchases of gardening supplies and plants, as well as breakfast and lunch, all support the adolescents living, working, and healing on White’s 800-acre campus.

“The Vectren Foundation is a community catalyst in the communities where its employees live and work. We’re happy to work with them to benefit virtually every region of the state as these kids return home.”

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