November 18, 2020

Road Runners of America Grant to Benefit White’s RFS Annual 5K Walk & Run

White’s Residential & Family Services is celebrating its staff members who plan and participate in what has come to be an annual Never Give Up 5K walk and run. This race — and its preparation — not only has its physical health benefits for both students and staff, but its impact upon the mental health of all is beyond measure. The students train for nine weeks on a couch to 5k program in which the ultimate goal for them is to cross the finish line. The students are consistently encouraged that finishing the race is possible if they never give up!
The cause of celebration at this time is due to the Road Runners of America granting White’s and Mike Elliott, the official “founder” of the Never Give Up race, the 2020 Kids Run the Nation grant to be used for race equipment. The Road Runners Club of America launched Kids Run the Nation in 1986 in response to the growing concern for children’s health in the United States. Over the next three decades, the RRCA helped establish youth running programs in schools and communities nationwide.
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