Substance Abuse Recovery Program

We are committed to a holistic approach with a focus on empowerment: everything a student experiences while in the Teaching Recovery, Empowering Change (TREC) program at White’s, from clinical services to our therapeutic residential life model, is designed to impart ownership of treatment, recovery and the healing process. Our two primary program goals are sobriety and relapse prevention.

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  • MRT

  • Daily Treatment Homework

  • Independent Living Skills Training

  • Weekly Individual Counseling

  • Phase & Level Systems

  • Group Counseling Sessions

  • Regular Family Therapy


Youth work on treatment goals until completion of 26 weeks of progressive treatment. These goals work in synergy with other key goals including academic success, work experience, independent living skills development, relationship rebuilding and spiritual life exploration. The TREC program allows each youth to understand his or her own unique path to recovery while empowering them to make changes toward living a life that is healthy and improves quality of life.

Student DiagnosticProfile

Student DiagnosticProfile

Ages 14-18

Moderate to severe substance use disorders

With one or more of the following co-occurring emotional/mental health issues: mood disorders, trauma, disruptive behaviors



Youth enrolled in TREC will work through 26 weeks of progressive treatment,
covering such topics as managing emotions and understanding substance
use. Clinical interventions include Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Informed Treatment.

Residential TreatmentCenter

Residential TreatmentCenter

Nestled on 800 acres, White’s well-kept grounds offer the ultimate healing environment. Our campus setting is ideal for trauma-informed care.

Helping families rediscover hope.

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