Youth work through treatment topics like managing emotions and learning healthy choices.

Over a 26-week curriculum, youth in the Promoting Awareness, Thinking and Healing (PATH) program learn to identify and focus on key components they need to master for lifelong success. Modeling family-style relationships is viewed as essential to healthy development of social and interpersonal skills. Weaving advanced cognitive behavioral techniques, motivation systems and person-centered interventions into daily interactions between youth and trained caregivers results in an unparalleled therapeutic environment.

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  • Moral Reconation Therapy

  • Weekly Treatment Homework

  • Independent Living Skills Training

  • Weekly Individual Therapy

  • Phase & Level Systems

  • Group Counseling Sessions

  • Regular Family Therapy


Youth work through four phases during their treatment. Each phase has very specific treatment and behavioral goals that will help youth address needs. The phases are: 1) Accepting Responsibility, 2) Developing Healthier Mindset and Behaviors, 3) Making Healthier Choices and 4) Commitment to Change.

Student DiagnosticProfile

Student DiagnosticProfile

Ages 12-18

Males and Females

With one or more of the following emotional or mental health issues: mood disorders, trauma, disruptive behaviors



Programming includes Motivational Interviewing, Character Development training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma and Grief counseling, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy-informed treatment and substance use education.


Residential TreatmentCenter

Residential TreatmentCenter

Nestled on 800 acres, White’s well-kept grounds offer the ultimate healing
environment. Our campus setting is ideal for trauma-informed care.

Helping families rediscover hope.

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