March 26, 2019

Reckless Hope & GTFL

It started like a seed. A staff member saw a need in a student for work skills. He saw our greenhouses, our master gardeners. He dreamed a little, just like Josiah White. It was a reckless hope … and Growing Teens for Life began to take shape. Now, the Garden Center looms over wetlands and green houses. It gives place and opportunity to countless teens who will discover, plant, and nurture their own seeds, not only gaining work experience but certifications that will put them on solid ground when they return to their home communities.


Students participating in Growing Teens for Life in 2019 will spend over 9,000 hours learning and applying work skills in over 20 positions on site. They will work toward and test for one or more of five industry-recognized certifications. They will learn and apply independent living skills. And they will be mentored by so many hearts and minds – ourhearts and minds.


Growing Teens for Life (GTFL) is Reckless Hope in action! Josiah White’s intent in founding White’s was to bring hard work, education, and Jesus Christ into an awesome triad.Josiah knew what Christ can do with those willing to serve, those hungering for healing, and the grace of God!

Our willingness to serve – this is the ingredient Our Lord needs to bring about all that we hope for!

Reckless Hope – the vital ingredient empowering

us to give up our agendas and adopt His!


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