October 14, 2021

Josiah White’s Becomes a Certified Best Christian Workplace

Josiah White’s is pleased to announce that they recently became a certified Best Christian Workplace through the Best Christian Workplaces Institute.

Best Christian Workplaces Institute is an employee engagement ministry dedicated to helping Christian leaders and organizations achieve their full potential by creating flourishing staff workplaces.

“Being Best Christian Workplace Certified means our staff, from all levels, are using their voice for the betterment of each other,” said Shanea Kirk, Human Resources Manager. “Our staff are lifting up to leadership the things that matter to them, that make them want to come to work, and leadership is listening. Working together across all teams is what makes Josiah White’s a wonderful place to serve those in need.”

In order to achieve this certification, organizations undergo a process involving surveys, a leadership review, and consulting services. The results of an agency-wide employee survey must attain an overall score of 4.0 or higher for the certification to be granted. As stated on the Best Christian Workplace Institute’s website, “A BCWI Certification improves credibility and trust with your board, employees, constituents and donors/stakeholders. Certification helps you recruit and retain great people, and BCWI Certified organizations outperform their peers.”  

“For Josiah White’s to best carry out the work of offering hope and transformation through Christ to children and families, we need to have engaged employees and a healthy culture. Josiah White’s has been very intentional over the past few years in developing trust by opening up lines of communication, seeking input on major decisions, and investing in the spiritual lives of our staff. We are committed to continuing the process of nurturing a healthy culture centered around our Christian beliefs and practices,” said Ron Evans, President and CEO.

Josiah White’s is honored to be a certified Best Christian Workplace and is excited for what this certification will mean for our future as an organization.

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