January 06, 2020

Ivy Tech Brings Christmas to Fourteen

Eight young men and women attending Ivy Tech, Kokomo, inquired about students on White’s campus who would not be going home over the holidays. What might these students want for Christmas? The Ivy Tech group, headed by Mary Applegate, Human Services Program Chair and Assistant Professor, not only gathered the lists the students made but, using their own money and time, went shopping! Then, on December 6, the group came to campus and met with the 14 students, bringing pizza, chips, cookies, and drinks. They ate, played games, and talked with the students for nearly two hours, enjoying themselves while watching the students open gifts of clothing, music CDs, hygiene items, snacks, coloring books and markers, games, footballs, and basketballs. Conrad Slaughter, Director of Campus Life, was impressed. “This just gave the students a chance to just be kids.  And how a group of complete strangers can show such love and compassion for children they have never met or may never see again in their lives. That is very awesome!”

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