September 16, 2021

Guardian Long Range Joins White’s RFS as an Impact Partner

Guardian Long Range showed their ongoing support of the Growing Teens for Life, White’s Residential and Family Services vocational development program, by becoming an Impact Partner. Guardian Long Range is a non-profit organization that organizes precision shooting competitions across the country that raise awareness and funds for children in need. 

“The Guardian chose White’s Residential because the work they do is directly tied to our mission of helping kids in need,” said Gary Larson, President of Guardian Long Range. “The Guardian was founded by someone who was just like the kids at White’s Residential – someone who was abandoned as a teenager and just needed to be surrounded by love and support. Choosing White’s Residential was a no-brainer – because we know their mission is changing these kids’ lives.”

Guardian Long Range’s investment in the Growing Teens for Life program equips White’s residential students with skills and certifications that will help them transition into the workforce. They also earn vouchers to be used toward higher education, transportation, or living expenses upon graduation from the residential program.

“We are thankful for the investment of Guardian Long Range in the lives of the young men and women we have the privilege of serving,” said Kevin Trotter, VP of Advancement.

White’s is honored to have Guardian Long Range as a White’s RFS Impact Partner!

Businesses and organizations that become White’s Impact Partners have the opportunity to change teen’s lives through supporting our Growing Teens for Life program, which provides vocational training to the teens in our residential programs. For more information on how your business or organization can join the mission of White’s — enriching the lives of at-risk kids and families through emotional healing, personal development, and spiritual growth — by becoming an Impact Partner, contact Shane Whybrew (

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