Growing Teens for Life

Growing Teens for Life is an experiential learning program that provides numerous internship experiences for students. Built on our mission set by Josiah White, the program provides vocational work opportunities and life skills development. Our team works with teens to identify and build their strengths. Teens learn and practice work and customer service skills, while staff provides direct skills training, coaching and behavior modeling. Job readiness is the goal for each teen who participates. If you have time, talents or treasures that would benefit our Growing Teens for Life program, please contact us.

Three ways to help:



Support student certifications. GTFL offers young men and women work experience leading to certification in horticulture, food service, retail, hospitality, and logistics.



Support the voucher program. As significant milestones are reached throughout the program, vouchers are earned and are paid when a teen leaves White's.



Your continued generosity allows students to learn what they need to transition from structured care, education, and treatment programs into the world of employment and self-sufficiency.

Support our students

Students in Growing Teens for Life...

  • Have logged more than 9,400 hours of hands-on work experience
  • Have sold over $100,000 in plants, flowers, herbs, and garden supplies
  • Have earned more than $19,000 in vouchers, money available to them for their transition from residential care to independent living
  • Have applied themselves to one of 22 on-site job opportunities

Students come to us angry, hurt, and in need. With support from White's and friends of White's, they learn the skills they need to prepare for life.

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