July 09, 2020

Foundation Support Continues During COVID-19

White’s Residential and Family Services recently received funding from five local regional, and statewide foundations for its array of systematic evidence based services for at-risk adolescents and families in need.

“We are especially grateful in this time of limited funds due to the Covid pandemic to receive this amount of support,” said Ron Evans, President and CEO of White’s, a leader in not only its provision of trauma-informed care to over 200 young men and women throughout the state each year, but also in its provision of 24/7 support to the 170+ foster families it has recruited and trained statewide.

“We are grateful for all the foundations that support White’s Residential and Family Services,” said Evans.

The Boren Foundation supports the Growing Teens for Life vocational initiative which equips adolescents with the skills and work experience they will need to attain and maintain employment and live independently once they return to their home communities.

The Duke Energy Foundation extended support to Growing Teens for Life through its Powerful Communities: Workforce Development Focus.

The Leah Sundheimer and Floyd A. and Frieda S. Guynn Foundations joined with the John W. Anderson Foundation to support White’s foster care services.

“The support of these foundations empowers our work,” said Kevin Trotter, Vice President of Advancement for White’s. “In tandem with them, miracles come about, people are healed, and lives are changed. Christ works in and through all of this to provide hope and transformation to those in need.”

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