June 18, 2019

Foster Family Receives Award

Candace and Antonte Green have three children. Their sixteen-year-old daughter just got her first job. Both of their boys will soon be in middle school. Antonte’s recent promotion has him working long hours. Life is busy. But, four years ago, God gave Candace a dream. She began thinking of fostering children in need. And when she shared this with Antonte, why, the dream began to take shape, because Antonte’s father mentored lots and lots of boys and young men as Antonte grew up. To him, fostering was something that just felt familiar.

The Greens looked for a Christian foster care agency. They wanted the Lord to take a central role not only in how they parented but also in those they worked within the training, the licensing, and the support. They found Shalicia Holman and White’s Residential and Family Services. “I’m in my eighth year with White’s,” Shalicia said. She came to White’s for the very same reason as the Greens: she wanted to work for an agency where Christ was central.

In 2015, Shalicia met Candace and Antonte. “They are so passionate. They feel called to do this. They co-parent so well, and their own kids have just stepped into the role of big brother and big sister, a testimony to Candace’s and Antonte’s parenting.” The Greens now have an 11-month little boy and a seven-year-old girl in their home. Both are examples of what is most precious about fostering and what is most difficult. “I couldn’t do this without God,” Candace says. “To be able to be at peace when they are leaving, believing that God is going to work it out. I know my limits. I know I have to let God come in and do what he is going to do.”

Candace and Antonte do all they can to recruit others to become foster parents. And they have ready advice.“Breathe and be patient… You need to love the children unconditionally no matter the outcome. It is important to remember you are pouring a lot into the children that they will remember throughout their lives.”

Antonte and Candace Green were recently honored by the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis during their annual Faith, Hope, and Love Recognition Awards. For 30 years, the club has sought to spotlight the vocation of fostering children, honor those who give of themselves in this way and provide the opportunity for their stories to be told, creating a video of each year’s group of honorees. Shalicia Holman and Kristian Gibson-Ford, both of White’s Indianapolis office, accompanied the Greens to the recognition awards on May 9. The Kiwanians shared their story, took pictures, showed the video they had made the previous week with all the parents and presented them with backpacks stuffed with gift-cards and electronics. At dinner’s end, Candace and Shalicia walked beside one another, giving witness to the partnership that exists between all foster parents and their White’s family specialists. “I love White’s,” Candace said. “It’s my family.”

White’s Residential and Family Services thanks the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis for its efforts in drawing attention not only to those who give of themselves generously to foster but to the growing need statewide for parents willing to do the same.

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