November 25, 2019

Former White’s CEO recognized for his service

Former White’s Residential and Family Services, Dee Gibson, was recognized by the Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) for his years of service as a board member for IARCA’s Institue for Excellence. Here is an excerpt from the article that appeared in the November 18, 2019 edition of the IARCA newsletter:

Dee, an original member of the Board, is deeply respected by his colleagues at the Institute and throughout the state. His guidance helped shape the programs the Institute runs today. His fellow board members applauded his service and repeatedly remarked on his grounded, thoughtful approach to supporting exceptional services and practices statewide. His colleagues, several of whom have worked with him for decades, also remarked on his commitment to children and families, Whites, the larger whole child welfare community, and his faith. Dee has been a driving force for the Institute and we thank him for his great service.

We join IARCA in thanking Dee, not only for his service to IARCA, but for his 40 years of faithful service to White’s Residential and Family Services!

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