Foster Care

RSVP: November 6th Training in Elwood


RSVP: November 16th Training at the Honeywell Center


Foster Child Commitment

White’s offers a 24/7 partnership to foster families. White’s walks beside foster families through licensing, training and ongoing assistance during and after placement, so they never have to face problems alone. Our goal is to support our foster parents so they can provide a loving, structured home life and help each child grow and blossom.



  • Foster Parent Recruitment & Licensing

    Through a network of regional offices statewide, White’s recruits, trains and licenses foster parents and connects children and teens with safe homes operated by seasoned care providers called to love children through the ministry of foster parenting.

  • Ongoing Education and Training

    White’s supports the family after placement ends, and prioritizes continuity of care for the foster child and foster parent.

  • 24/7 Support

    White’s is a 24/7 partner to the foster parents and families we support. Family services provides a timely response in times of crisis and regular, ongoing communication to prevent problems before they start.

Become a Foster Parent

Is God calling you to be a foster parent?

Upcoming Trainings

  • Oct.07

    Trauma Response Culture Training

    South Bend Office 

    6pm - 8pm

  • Oct.08


    Crown Point Office 

    5:30pm - 8pm

  • Oct.08


    Fort Wayne Office 

    6:30pm - 8:30pm

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