May 25, 2021

Compass Rose Academy New Campus Development Continues

Compass Rose Academy is thanking God for providing the resources to build and expand upon the new CRA campus — a place to heal and a place to grow.

So far, over $4.1 million dollars have been raised, surpassing the $4 million dollars of self-investment by White’s Residential and Family Services, with each donation getting CRA closer to covering the nearly $13 million dollar cost of phases one and two of the expansion.  The first phase of this intentionally designed, Christian, clinical, and academic environment includes three homes, a staff housing complex, and a multi-purpose building. The second phase of the project will involve building three additional homes and adding on to the staff housing building.

CRA Family Teachers began moving into the staff housing in early April, and CRA students will move into their new homes in late May. The multi-purpose building, “The Hub”, will contain academic classrooms, therapy spaces, a fitness room, a nurse’s clinic, and administrative offices, and it is on track to be completed in July. CRA will celebrate this new chapter in their history with a ribbon cutting on Friday, August 27th.

Work has already begun on the additional three homes that will double the current capacity from 24 students to 48 to meet the increasing need for services. The addition to the staff housing will allow the complex to house a total of 20 Family Teachers.

The future of Compass Rose is exciting as plans are in place to enhance the holistic, therapeutic environment with the addition of a barn and farm animals. CRA is grateful for the Lord’s leading as they enter into this new season and are excited to witness the ways He will continue to form and shape Compass Rose Academy in the future.

To learn more about this project, visit CRA’s website here.

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