March 10, 2016

Clyde Lovellette: Remembering Our Version of the Legend

WABASH, Ind. – White’s Residential & Family Services is remembering a legend today. Our beloved Clyde Lovellette passed away Wednesday night with his family by his side in North Manchester, Ind., after his battle with cancer. He was 86.

Most of the world will remember Clyde Lovellette as one of the most outstanding basketball players in history. Clyde was the first player in history to play on an NCAA championship team, Olympic gold medal basketball team, and NBA championship squad.

However, those accolades and accomplishments are not how White’s will remember our friend. Clyde came to teach and coach at White’s back in 1979 after his incredible athletic career. He was the director of our vocational and educational program for students and helped coach our boys’ basketball team.

The Clyde we know was a man who loved people and kids. He was a man who chose to take his talents and give back by making a difference in people’s lives. Clyde was special not because of his career but because of the way he lived his life every day.

Coach Clyde always said that his years with the children at White’s were “the happiest of my life.”  And everyone knew he meant it.

(Clyde Lovellette, pictured at White’s in 2008 as he helped raise support for the gym renovation.)

He was a giant man with a big heart, who walked around campus helping kids and staff strive for their best.  His 15-year dedication to our ministry is a gift that we will cherish forever.

“Our prayers are with the Lovellette family and all those who lost a friend,” said Dee Gibson, CEO of White’s. “May we all remember him not only for his basketball career, but also for the love he had for those who needed it most.”

“Thank you, Clyde, for living out your faith and loving the hundreds of kids who were a part of our ministry.”

If you have questions, please contact Denae Green at 260-563-1158.

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