October 29, 2018

Business Sponsors Help Upgrade Weight Room

Each year, staff members who work with over 100 teenagers at any one time on White’s Residential and Family Services’ 800-acre campus in Wabash County, ponder this question: Where could $10,000+ make the most impact? This year it was very clear to Sean Cline, Campus Life Specialist: upgrade White’s 20-year old weight room.


White’s Residential and Family Services’ main campus cares for adolescents in the juvenile justice system, offering educational, therapeutic, and vocational services. A 160-year-old nonprofit, White’s raises money to fulfill its mission of enriching lives through emotional healing, personal development, and spiritual growth. White’s annual Teeing Up for Teens raises over $10,000 for specific needs. This year’s $13,500 was raised by the golfers’ personal sponsors and donations from area business.


Sean Cline knows the positive impact weight training can have, especially on young people who are in the midst of therapeutic treatment and dealing with life challenges.   Teens that experience trauma have lots of emotions and energy, that can be partially defused in a weight room. The American Academy of Pediatrics states, “Similar to other physical activity, strength training has been shown to have a beneficial effect on several measurable health indices, such as cardiovascular fitness, body composition, bone mineral density, blood lipid profiles, and mental health.” This “beneficial effect” Sean has witnessed over and over – improving self-concepts, resolving built-up anger, increasing strength physically as well as psychologically. Working out with weights helps adolescents transfer newfound muscle strength to the moral courage it takes to overcome the trauma they’ve suffered.


White’s is thankful to all the individual donors and sponsors, including Beacon Credit Union, Dairyland Seeds Company, Eads and Son Bulldozing,  First Merchants Bank, Hylant Group (Fort Wayne), INGUARD, Intrasect, and Wabash Electric Supply.

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