August 29, 2019

Beacon Credit Union Supports White’s Residential and Family Service’s Growing Teens for Life Vocational Initiative

Kelly Stuber, Community Relations Specialist for Beacon Credit Union, announced July 29 support for White’s Residential and Family Service’s vocational initiative, Growing Teens for Life. The $10,000 check was presented to Ron Evans, CEO and President; Kevin Trotter, Vice President of Advancement; and Kenny Harvey, Director of Experiential Learning in White’s new facility, the 50 East Garden Center and Café.

Beacon Credit Union’s Mark McCall, Beth Alston, and Megan Castle attended the presentation event on August 8.

The Beacon Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to making contribution investments in local, charitable organizations, with a focus on improving the lives of Credit Union members, friends, and neighbors in the communities they serve.

White’s residential program is honored to partner with Beacon. Both organizations have a state-wide presence; and, even though this gift was awarded locally, its impact will be state and community-wide.  Chromebook laptops will be added to the vocational classroom where students acquire workforce development skills and industry-based certifications.

White’s Residential and Family Services has been a part of the Wabash community since its founding in 1850. A Christ-centered organization dedicated to enriching lives through emotional healing, personal development, and spiritual growth, White’s provides residential treatment, foster care, and adoption services statewide.

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