March 19, 2020

24 Hours and a Life Changed

Bartholomew County Probation recently reached out to White’s Residential & Family Service’s Columbus regional office requesting placement for a single day for a youth who was turning 18 and needed to be released from the youth shelter. Because she was about to turn 18, the teen needed to be in foster care for one day to be eligible for collaborative care.

White’s Columbus staff reached out to foster parents Greg and Sharon Andis asking if they would be willing to accept the teen into their home for one day. The Andis family was happy to say yes.

After the one day foster care placement was complete, Sharon knew this young lady would be moving into her own apartment to begin living independently. Sharon went right to work on getting donations from other White’s foster parents as well as church contacts and other community members to help the teen furnish her new home. She received a large number of donations including cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, a promised queen bed and bedroom set, sofa, side chair, and end tables. A phone and minutes were donated, and a woman from a church who is also a foster parent raised $1,500 online! $500 of those funds have been used for her household needs and the other thousand will be held for car repairs or as an emergency fund.

We are so grateful for the Andis family and how quickly they responded when the Lord prompted them to foster love to this young woman. As a result, within just 24 hours she began a new chapter in her life feeling prepared and supported!

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