August 23, 2017

2017 Bobby Jones Award

White’s Residential & Family Services is excited to announce that one of its team members, Jason Fry, has been named IN-AJSOP’s 2017 Bobby Jones Award winner. The Bobby Jones Award is an annual award given to an individual within the state of Indiana who embodies the work and spirit of Bobby Jones, who was part of the early development and expansion of IN-AJSOP, and demonstrates commitment to families and youth as he did.

Jason has been providing services to students in the sexually maladaptive behavior treatment program at the Wabash campus for many years. Celeste Richardson, a coworker from White’s, nominated Jason for this prestigious award. “Jason goes above and beyond to ensure that the youth get the treatment that they need while still maintaining family connections,” she said. “Throughout his many years of service, he has made it his mission to ensure campus life is enjoyable for each and every student served. Jason is a wonderful mentor to the teens at White’s, organizing and participating in events and activities for the students to make their lives as normal as possible.”

The positive impact of Jason’s work is seen every single day at White’s. Jason works with the students to guide them through the process of changing their behaviors, so they can live healthy and productive lives. The journey to change may be a long one, but Jason celebrates each child’s victories whether they are big or small.

We are proud to acknowledge Jason’s accomplishment. Congratulations, Jason!

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