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Foster Child Commitment

White’s offers a 24/7 partnership to foster families. White’s walks beside foster families through licensing, training and ongoing assistance during and after placement, so they never have to face problems alone. Our goal is to support our foster parents so they can provide a loving, structured home life and help each child grow and blossom.

  • Faith-based Ministry

    At White’s, foster parenting is a ministry. We are a faith-living
    organization, and our staff, board members and foster parents model
    Christian values daily. Our foster parents often report feeling called
    to our ministry as they seek to reach out in Christian love to children
    in need.

  • Support Along the Way

    White’s offers a 24/7 partnership to foster families. Training provided by White’s goes well beyond the minimum state requirements to ensure all foster parents are equipped and confident in their abilities to open their homes and lives to children in need.

  • Family Life Model

    We believe in the therapeutic power of a healthy family life. The attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of a nurturing family help foster children by modeling healthy relationships and creating an environment for physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Each member of the foster family plays an important role in the care of a foster child.

Upcoming Trainings

  • Jan.25

    In-Service Training: Sexual Abuse - #1


    6pm - 8pm

  • Jan.31

    In-Service Training: Sexual Abuse - #1

    South Bend

    6pm - 8pm

  • Feb.12

    In-Service Training: Sexual Abuse - #2


    6pm - 8pm

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